Artist: Ubblahkan
Title: Foundation EP
Label: Seven Music
Release Date: 15.03.19
Genre: House
Format: Digital

Belfast born duo Ubblahkan present their Foundation EP, and if this is their foundation we can’t wait to hear how they build on it. Heavy as hell, deep and subby and with big vocal work. The Foundation EP is a treat.

Backstabber kicks things off with a driving Housey beat, filtered hooks and a massive vocal. Sat between genres this is a sure fire dancefloor bomb.
From there onwards the boys don’t slow down with deep grooves and tight percussion epitomising this EP. The self confessed obsessive DJ’s sure know how to make people move.

Ubblahkan are a DJ/production duo with a sound that’s firmly placed in the House genre yet influenced by everything from Techno to Disco.

Hailing from Belfast, a city thats becoming globally recognised for its vibrant underground scene, the duo hold a collection of residencies alongside a Monthly internet radio show. The team have vast experience in playing for major events and venues such as DO NOT SLEEP, Viva Warriors, Sundays At Space, Café del Mar & Café Mambo. This fuels regular trips abroad to some of the scenes most established countries and nightclubs, from London, New York, Amsterdam, Miami, Ibiza & Dubai.

With an obsessive devotion to DJ’ing, the duo cherishing nothing more than connecting with a crowd and providing the perfect soundtrack for any location.

1. Backstabber
2. Feeling Alright
3. First Light