Saturday 3rd August at Köpenicker Strasse 18

One year after the first event ‚Art Bei Ton: Experience 1‘, we’re gathering together to celebrate our anniversary with all our residents and friends. Promoting the concept of mixing various form of art together in one event, we’ll offer you a night of musical and visual experiences. Divided into two floors some, the ‚Mind floor‘ we present diverse Ambient, Experimental and Hypnotic Techno live performances, and DJ sets, together with an all night long VJing performance from Sasha Smirnova and two A/V lives. The ‚Body floor‘, hidden in the concrete basement of the club, will host some heavy Techno and Rave DJ sets. The art exhibition, taking place in various place in the venue, will feature a visual interactive installation from ElCid VS, a video exhibition on our old-school TVs and a photo and illustration exhibition about ‘Identity and sexuality: between dream and reality’.

Full line up:

Mind floor:
Justine Perry
HRNR (A/V live)
nara is neus (A/V live)
Nomi Elektra (live)
Vincenzo Albano
Hypnotic Black Magic

VJing: Sasha Smirnova

Body floor:
Space Exile
Samo Rane
c l a r i s s e

Visual interactive installation: ElCid VS

Art Exhibition: ‘Identity and sexuality: between dream and reality’.
Becky Jaraiz
Brenda Alamilla
Enzo Tonati
Lea Filipo
Melle Skärfstad
Neus Abellan
Raechel Ann
Tegwen Evans