Tânia Filipa is a graphic designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She started her Design project called TF Concept Design in 2013, focused on working in the Electronic Music Industry. The geometric and minimal Art is popular on Clubs, Labels and Promotors from around the world.

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Did you study?
My studies are not related to Graphic Design. Graphic Design started to grown on me because of the creative perspective that englobes and how I could express my ideas. I learned everything by myself and it was an incredible process for self awarness and sufficient.

How do you create the stuff (software)?
Everything I create is digital, the softwares I use the most are from the Adobe family like Illustrator and Photoshop, however I also use Corel Draw.

Which are the most loving coop you ever had?
This is a difficult one… There’s so many. Probably with the owner of Suleiman Records (Montreal), Darem Aissa. We have worked together since 2014 and we have become really good friends. Also with the guys from Depth Charge (Australia), Frazer and Jane which are two incredible persons to work with, full of energy and positivism.

Did you also made other styles?
Yes by request of clientes I have done collages; patterns; double exposure with a lot of diverse elements like nature, portraits, landscape.

How long you need for a design?
Depends but usually the turn around is quick, between 1 to 3 days. I always like to give it time to “breath” and get the final touches in place.

Any advices for young graphioc designers?
Just keep doing what you believe in. It’s not an easy market, things switch very easily and most don’t give the right credit to someones work but the key is to keep pushing and work hard until you get the recognition you desserve for doing something that you enjoy doing.

How you get connected to clubs and labels?
By staying on top of news related to the electronic music world, there’s some key websites and magazines like Resident Advisor, XLR8, Inverted Audio, The Clubmap… It’s really importante to check out reviews, podcasts, interviews, new vinyl releases and keep up with the huge world that exists right now, information is really easy to access nowadays so we just need to put in some efford. Also love to search for Podcast projects on soundcloud for exemple. Discover new things from all over the world…
When I see a project that I like the concept and idea I contact them and give them to know about what I have to offer in therms of Design and how it can help in visual therms.
The first impact is always art related so this is more importante than people usually give credit for.