Artist: Portable
Title: The Transit Of Mercury
Label: Khoikhoi Records
Cat #: KHOI005A
Format: Digital and Vinyl
Genre: Electronic / House / Leftfield
Release Date: 13 March 2020

‘Mercury in Transit’ is a rare astronomical event: when the closest planet to the Sun passes directly between the star and a superior planet. It’s also the title of Portable’s new album, which sees its release on KhoiKhoi on 13th March. The 8-track LP is the shimmering product of arguably one of the most favoured multi-talented underground electronic acts unleashing yet another other-worldly wealth of solitary craftmanship. This being Portable’s 6th album, it drops – an awaited UFO – two decades on from his debut release. A diverse range of sounds all in the South African’s signature style firmly affix Portable, real name Alan Abrahams, in the realms of the future, converging through driving and bubbling melody-fuelled dancefloor journeys (This Horizon, It’s Been Long ft. Korus, You Hacked Me) into softer, ambient moments (One Earth). Tempos fluctuate, Abrahams’ vocals control at times while at others they float omnisciently above a tapestry of electronic vibrations. ‘Climb’ builds as a percussion-laden crescendo but not before an all-out whirlwind in the form of the epic ‘This Passing Moment’, which brings things to a fitting close. This truly is a special selection of treats from the Parisian-based producer, with Laurent Garnier hailing ‚Ohh whaouuu… Excellent album‘, Honey Dijon describes it as „So Good“ and Motor City Drum Ensemble says „Love your harmonies and rhythm programming, especially „climb“ is perfect for me to play out, also really enjoyed the quieter tracks like „one earth“. On 28th February Portable will celebrate the release of ‚Transit Of Mercury‘ and other releases at Panorama Bar with his celebrated live act – a set which cannot be missed.