Moscow-based experimentalist Kate NV, real name Kate Shilonosova, today shares the video for ‘Lu Na’ which featured on her highly praised album ‘Room for the Moon’ released in Spring via Brooklyn-based music institution RVNG Intl. The album’s corresponding videos have been a visual delight and have taken the form of TV performances or shows. For this video, Kate’s playful imagination reveals itself once again as it takes inspiration from Samuel Beckett’s performance Quad, however these repetitious dancers vogue and mimick playful cats in a fuzzy hue blurring the lines of nostalgia and psychedelia. Watch the Gina Onegina directed video here.

Kate says on the video “Lu Na was originally planned as a dance clip consisting mostly of one repetitive loop — simple pattern where cats walk in a square one by one. This pattern was hugely inspired and based on Beckett’s piece ‘Quad’ which I love. Originally I just wanted the sun to appear slowly behind those cats while they walk. All of the dancers were wonderful, they brought so much life to the characters of those cats!”

Room for the Moon is inspired by a mix of 70s and 80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film, as well as children’s shows and entertainment performances from the 70s, it’s another captivatingly unique and multi-textured record full of eclectic soundscapes. Each song – sung in Russian, French or English – enters a chamber of illusion and perfectly demonstrates NV’s incontestable variety of talents. Whether it’s toying with riddles and tiptoeing lunar lullabies in ‘Lu Na’, or conjuring her own feigned sax solo in ‘Plans’, Kate NV has excelled in producing a strikingly unique and remarkable record. Room for the Moon offers something strangely familiar and inexplicably attractive, offering an afterglow of times spent in happy company, imagined or otherwise.