Label Name: – Alumni Records Glasgow

Track Listing:

Midland Street Echoes – Déjà Vu (Original Mix)
Systrophe – Traumerei (Original Mix)
Midland Street Echoes x Systrophe – Orion (Original Mix)

Record Sounds Like: Mystical electronic music, John Beltran meets Digweed in a Scottish forest. Waves | Stars is a meeting of two minds, and portrays powerful memories from both artists represented in sound. Having met at subSine | Academy of Electronic Music, Midland Street Echoes and Systrophe explored wavetable synthesis and field recordings of important places in their lives to create this stunning EP of conceptual electronic music. The result is a beautiful mix of timeless melodies and intricate rhythms, framed by beats that make them work on the dancefloor as well as in headphones.

Artist Quote – „Traumerei is constructed around a sample of Systrophe’s black Labrador dreaming beside her whilst she was exploring wavetable synthesis. Déjà Vu is inspired by Midland Street Echoes‘ dreamy days on the Cornish coast and the floating emotions after a good rave up in a dark basement.“