Label Name: – Veidt Records

Release Date: – Thursday, October 12 2023

Track Listing:

1) Projections
2) Sense of natural confusion
3) Laugh
4) Sicily
5) Like don’t like
6) Simmetria degli angoli ottusi
7) Last call to funk
8) Dreamland
9) Blue rectangle yellow square and red circle
10) Pop art vending machine
11) Attimi atomi

Record Sounds Like: Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Franco Battiato, Richard Devine ecc

On Thursday, October 12, 2023, Veidt Records will release „Sense of Natural Confusion,“ a new boundary-pushing album by the innovative artist Kabuki Dream.

This release is characterized by its tonal intrigue and musical complexity, with a distinct emphasis on experimental synthesis. Drawing from an array of influences, „Sense of Natural Confusion“ perpetually manipulates listener expectations, engaging the audience in a puzzle-like narrative that twists and reshapes itself track after track.

The eleven songs that comprise the album take listeners on an expansive journey through the artist unique universe of electronic music, Kabuki Dream harmonize disparate sonic elements into an impressively cohesive album.

Echoes of the Chemical Brothers‘ psychedelic beats, Aphex Twin’s pioneering rhythms, Richard Devine’s intricate sound design, and Franco Battiato’s groundbreaking synth work can all be traced within Kabuki Dream’s sonic fingerprint. Yet, they push past mere emulation; instead using these influences as a springboard to navigate unexplored spaces.

With „Sense of Natural Confusion,“ Kabuki Dream delivers more than an album—it is a voyage into uncharted musical territory.