Release Date: 16.10.2020

RFR x002


A1 : Ape King (w/ NDNM)
A2: Obsolete (w/NDNM)
B1: Program Africa (w/Daniel Mencel)
B2: You Are an Ant Mate (w/NDNM)


Sounds Like – High end futuristic dance floor orientated cuts of techno & electro

(English) During the last 14 years Michal and his label staged events like Komiks, got the city freaking out at massive warehouse parties packed with experimental lighting. Komiks events provide a biotope where artists can connect and share their music and vision.

For the new EP on RFR, Michal Schwa teamed up with Name Does Not Matter (NDNM/Footclan) and synth prodigy Daniel Mencel. Boys went went deep into the kitchen and came back out with 4 dance floor ready cuts, sizzling from rare to well-done.

Follow the “Ape King” and jump into the frying acid pan! Straight forward stomping on the beat section, pretty classic when it comes to the bassline. And whilst the 303 is continuously marching towards our cortex, shit kicks in with a nonchalant melody part. Wait, are the old Djax Up days back?

“Obsolete” is a true feast for lovers of classic electro. And despite of the title, all its ingredients are perfectly well balanced. Sounds like Aril Brikha, Nitzer Ebb and Clarence G. (RIP) joined forces in the studio and filtered the essence of one of our favorite genres.

“Program Africa” is next in line. This thing is not about infinite drums and percussion massacres that we’d normally connect with it. It’s more like running down an endless hallway, shadows creeping off the wall and echoes whispering behind your sweaty back. If H.P. Lovecraft would have been a producer of electronic music, this is what he would have sounded like.

“You’re an ant, mate”! Alright, that so? Then I’ll be running up and down, back and forth this hill of bustling insects bouncing to a delightful mixture of electro and UK Hardcore. Cos this is what ants do, right?