trinit 5-digital
Strg X – Commodore

More than ever, do we feel the need to escape into the music, to move our thoughts to a place where the melody runs free, the bass follows our heart and the analog sounds take us right back to better days, spent on the dance floor. German duo Strg X, a joint venture of Samir Rothmeier and Johannes Schubert, help us in doing so. With two outstanding productions, released on their trinit.rhythm label, they share their musical mindscape – exploring the boundaries of techno, progressive and the minimal sounds of oldskool. Let ‘Commodore’ and ‘Monster’ take over.

As a successor to previous Strg X originals, including ‘Gamalan’, ‘One of These Nights’ and Top 100 duo ‘Aquene’ and ‘Starchild’, ‘Commodore’ takes an even deeper dive into the very core of their sound. Carrying a darker shade of musical taste making, it takes us on a journey past techno, tech-house and all sorts of mind-triggering fusions. A real trip that builds and builds, gradually accelerating until the synth takes over completely. ‘Monster’, on the contrary, carries a lighter theme, with a melody that ripples gently. It flows smoothly, carried upon a bed of tech-house meets progressive. Two powerful originals have been added to the Strg X discography, and you’re welcome to play them as loud as you want.

Release Date: 12.11.2020

Format: Digital