Artist: Jakobin
Title: Locked
Label: Fortunea
Cat #: FORTUNEA018
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Genre: House / Deep House / Elektro
Release Date: 2020-11-27

Who else would have thought before the year 2020, that this new decade starts with a devastating natural incident that pushes the entire world in a health crisis and recession? Well, we sure didn’t. And still, after 11 months, this damn virus doesn’t seem to go away. But no matter how bad this pandemic is. There is no need to stop being creative! Many people used their time during the lockdowns as much as possible to make new music. And Jakobin is one of these guys who took his time this spring to work on brand new material, that is slowly but surely coming out the next months on various labels. One of them is his Locked EP on our imprint – fortunea. The title track on the A-side is an amazing piece of house music. A great homage on the raw punching Chicago sound and the late 80s/early 90s UK rave era. Heavy Breakbeat-loops blend in perfect together with the use of 909 kicks, low-frequenced acid lines and a stabbing piano. Turning over to the B-side there is the track ‚Pad Work’. A deep dub house tune with a nuance of Lo-fi-nism in it. Mysterious voices that are coming forward from the background of this bouncing beat, a restrained but also smooth bassline and hypnotic string- and synthesizer-passages are the main characters in this tableau. While ‚Dreadbox’ is sealing the deal on this release with an abstract melancholic scifi elektro approach. Overall a conspicuous release, that lets you forget the chaos that is happening right now in this world. All we wanna say at the end of this text is stay safe out there! And don’t give up!