Damian Rausch (Featuring Meron T)Watch Me Fly EP

Watch Me Fly (featuring Meron T) opens with lush key notes that project a jazzy atmosphere from the off. Swinging hats and skipping snare drums attract you in and have you wondering where we are going to go? Well, you will soon agree that this is a beautiful, deep, and uplifting track when you hear the dreamy angelic vocals; a deep and sleek baseline drives you along on top of a subtle organ melody at the back. Try to watch yourself fly through this without moving a part of your body. Just lovely and smooth this is. Like peanut butter (if you like yours smooth).

This atmospheric breakbeat jam is a straight dance floor mover. The luscious vocals of Meron T are brought in again for this one – so smooth, silky, gorgeous – layered over some tight drum programming from Damian: nice steady and loud penetrating claps, a kicking bass and the occasional symbol all underneath the mesmerizing voice notes. Shifting and shuffling along to the breakdown, in come some echoing synth stabs besides a mind-altering melody. Back in the groove to an all so slowly gradually ending groove. Great depth and multilayering to provide a sublime stepper.

The Heat:
Heading into a more peak time territory with this slammer; “The Heat”. A big, driving kick and swinging hats create a four-to-the-floor House punch. Some soft melodies and synth elements give off a nice vibe to this one, but it’s the rolling snares that create a little tension throughout. After the breakdown in the last quarter, the continuous and rolling synth that enters is strikingly euphoric. Let’s not forget the talking vocal chops that give this some soul.

Lastly, for “Together”, Damian connects and collaborates with the H2H collective of Chez Damier and Ben Vedren. A result of this unification is a deep, driving, dance-floor friendly, bumpy bass driven, and infectious groove; quality. Shuffling and ticking hats are at forefront of this groove that gets you bopping those shoulders and tapping that foot from the get-go. Nice energy here from a blissful well-placed melody alongside a swirling baseline and synth placements. The vocal samples in with the delightful keys and melodies all combine to give this soulful house groove; think along the lines of 90’s underground bumping HOUSE.