After his Ki Records’ 2019 debut album, ‘Space Bob’, German electronic music producer, Kalipo announces his new album, to be released on 11th June. Inspired by the iconic 80s painter and TV host, Bob Ross, Happy Little Accidents is an uncomplicatedly optimistic sounds journey – and therein lies its allure. “For me this album was about letting the songs develop very quickly and not evaluating them too much, or trying to avoid mistakes,” says electronic music producer, who named his latest release Happy Little Accidents after Ross’ signature phrase. Dance and self-expression are a big part of the album with many of its tracks inducing involuntary smiles and toe-taps.

Head’s up the album’s first single ‘Footsteps’, is likely to become a club classic. Together with famed Berlin producer Rampue, Kalipo brings playfulness and a little bit of drama to the euphoric track which comes out on the 19th March. Pop-infused layers, nu-disco soundscapes, and classic house beats – it’s all in ‘Footsteps’, begging listeners to move their bodies.