With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves the wisdom of the Eastern Traditions together with the spirituality and mythology of the South American Medicine Path. Approaching music as an alive spirit, Chandra’s music touches the soul through the powerful healing frequency of the heart.

“ ‘Jaya’ is the call and expression of celebration in hindi. It means to grant victory to the divine. May light be victorious over darkness. May we celebrate existence and may we celebrate this rising potential that actually can benefit and overcome our weaknesses.” – Chandra Lacombe

The soft and calm feeling which permeates throughout Chandra’s music creates an immediate relaxation and enchantment for those that listen with an open heart. His unique falsetto voice sings Eastern mantras, hymns in Portuguese and Circle-Songs in English language, in a wide tonal range of several octaves. Chandra Lacombe is a complete musician that, first being a percussionist, has chosen the Kalimba, an African percussion instrument, as his main compositional instrument, using it more like a piano rather as the intentional traditional percussive language of the Kalimba. Therefor Chandra developed a unique technique using all of his fingers (instead of using only his thumbs), opening up a new world of possibilities for soloing and phrasing.

Growing up in Brazil, Chandra started to play drums and percussion instruments around the age of 12. He went through the traditional Samba school education and began soon to immerse in the Brazilian art and music movement.

His awakened interest in spirituality and yoga led him in early age from the Age of Aquarius style communities to the Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh movement as well as it’s fusion of modern western psychology and therapy and eastern traditions of Sufism, Zen Buddhism and Hinduism

”I found it a very interesting approach. It was also like some kind of anarchy, or counter culture attitude, that I was playing out against the conditioned patterns found in society.”

It is probably the same open approach and curiosity that led Chandra to explore and combine eastern and western musical traditions using them even in an almost therapeutical context in his worldwide concerts and workshops.

Recording and releasing music since the early 90s, Chandra has released over ten albums, including `Musica das Esferas´ 1992, ’Terra à Vista’ 1994 and ‘Matutu’ 2000 with his band Udiyana Bandha. These recordings are thought after progressiv rock inspired fusion-jazz albums with a Yogi attitude.

Collaboration with yet another Brazilian master musician `Carioca´ included the releases of ‘Meeting in the Forest’, ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ’Celebration’, by now all classics in the worldwide spiritual community.

Chandra Lacombe has released several albums under his own name, some of them in collaboration with some of the most outstanding musicians from the European spiritual Musical Scene such as Txai Fernando, Kailash Kokopelli, Maneesh de Moor, Satyadev Barman or Sigmund Vatvedt.

`Fusäo Divina´is Chandra Lacombes Brazilian working band with whom he has released the album ”Curruagem” and ”Namaskar” with Txai Fernando while his latest release ”Estrela do Amor/Star of Love” is a collaboration with some excellent traditional players form Mother India. These recordings, among others, are great examples for Chandra Lacombe’s intuitive and deeply integrated styles and mixes of traditional indian mantras, Brazilian hymns and folk songs in Portuguese language and a modern beat that elevates listeners to move their hearts and feet and rise their voices to sing along.

“Through my music I try to touch the hearts of people to kindle that flame of devotion in their hearts. This is my own way of serving my purpose in life… Inspiring people to feel closer to their souls and lead them to merge with that inner source of truth. I feel sometimes my music is a source of soul nourishment… It’s a soulful commitment that I have, music and my spiritual journey. My music comes as a messenger for my own insights on spirituality and how it unfolds in my life.”.

‘Jaya’, produced by Txai Fernando and Nils Olav, is a fusion between all those different traditions. With the majority of the albums songs focusing on mantras in sanskrit language out of the spiritual tradition of Hinduism. These are powerful ancient chants that calm and clear the mind with its healing vibration so we can enter into a deep state of meditation.

“In my heart I feel ‘Jaya’ is an album that is capable to translate my own devotional relationship with these aspects of my spiritual path. It’s time for us to understand that all religions point to the same and one core truth. Which is consciousness. Which is truth. That is the victory that we are celebrating with this album. The oneness. The unity.” – Chandra Lacombe

Song by song breakdown:

1. Mahamritjunjaya
”The Mahamritjunjaya Mantra mantra is dedicated to ‘Lord Shiva’, the three-eyed One who can see beyond duality, seeing what really lies beneath the illusion of the mind. He pervades and nourishes all creatures and helps to destroy diseases, even overcome death. All things are bound to perish. Shiva helps to rescue the nectar and release attachment to death, which leads to eternal life, which is our true innermost nature. This is a good way to translate this beautiful Shiva mantra, also known as the Rudra Mantra.” Besides the Gayatri Mantra, the Maha Mritunjaya Mantra is hailed by the sages as the heart of the Veda (the earliest body of Indian scripture/ sacred writings). Reciting the Mahamritjunyaja Mantra helps us to draw from an infinite reserve of healing energy.

2. Jaya Ganesha

“Whenever we sing Ganesha’s mantra we are somehow invoking the power of a principle that must cope with any negativity in the shape of obstacles. In this mantra when singing ”Pahiman”, we are begging for the grace of the Lord Ganesha and for salvation from negative attitudes (like ignorance, arrogance, pride, selfishness, egotism). Whereas when we sing ”Rakshaman” we call upon its power to protect us from the hinderance it might have on our spiritual evolution. ´Jaya Ganesha` is the third single from the upcoming album ”Jaya”. This track particularly uses the typical „Bhajan/Kirtan“ structure that invokes a call and response dialogue to the ruling forces to create an uplifting and cheerful mood in order to celebrate the victory of Ganesha Deva over all obstacles. Ganesha is also known as ”Ganapati“, the one that leads and commands the troop of Ganas (the army of Good). ”JAYA GANESHA”. Chant it loud to raise the virtue and wisdom and invoke your spirit and soul!

3. Medicine Buddha
‘Medicine Buddha’ is a powerful mantra which is used for healing purpose and the dispelling of any kind of disease. It is addressed to the great Buddha, whom carries a very soulful prayer. An invocation of compassion that is able to uproot the very cause of all kinds of illnesses arising from the mind polluted by negativity. This version has a unique fusion touch that brings together the Eastern Buddhist message carried by a melody and groove that springs out of Peruvian ethnical medicine chants. The „mandala“ like structure of the song unfolds according to the geometric symbolic design of the universe, transmitting positive energies to the environment and to the people that listen to it. The hypnotic dreamtime continuum feature is really captivating and induces a meditative effect. This track from the ‘Jaya’ album is truly one of its highlights.

This is a ”Jaya Guru” (Hail and glory to the Guru, the shining remover of darkness). The message of Mahavatar Baba Ji (the holy master of Kriya Yoga), is exactly this, he doesn’t see a difference. He only sees exactly in the core of all creeds, paths, tradition and religions. He can see the energy between them. This song calls in different traditions, they are one and the same in the long run. It’s one attempt to strengthen the unity between them, it’s very important for you to feel it. ”Jaya Guru Jay. I grant victory and I take refuge to the master and his loving message“. That it’s all inclusive. It’s the way to encompass all traditions and restore unity and harmony between them. (Chandra’s relationship to the great avatar Nagaraji Mahavatar Babaji is a very personal and special one. His spiritual state is beyond human comprehension, however in meditation much of Chandra’s inspiration springs out of the spiritual blessings he receives out of his reverence to the adorable effulgence of the glowing immortal great master.)

5. Shivaratri
Shiva is one of the most adored deity in India. This songs refrain uses the mantra ’Om Name Shivaya´, one of the most popular Hindu matras and the most important mantra in Shaivism, which can be understood as a salutation to Lord Shiva, the auspicious one. When this bhajan was received (sanskrit for devotional song) very spontaneously, I was enchanted by it’s energy and meaning as it addresses different important attributes of Shiva. ”Dukka Hara” (Dukka=Suffering, Hara=Shiva as the one who destroys all evil), means it’s the one that can take away all suffering while ”Sukka Kara” (Sukka=Happiness, Kara=A ray of light, the hand) is the one that holds and contains the energy of happiness. The connection with the energy of Lord Shiva got very obvious and its catchy melody makes it easy for us to get carried by the Shivas grace.

6. Babaji
The Adi-Guru or first spiritual master is a reference to Lord Shiva as the first Yogi (disciple) and Guru (master). Babaji is said to have taken the form of Adi Nath Shiva himself and being the first to open this specific portal to teach the science of Kriya (practice of completed action in breath and movement) which inspired this mantra. Its melody is at the same time mysterious and the instrumentation in particular the violin arrangements bring a celestial touch the mantra of The Divine Master -The True One!

7. The Choice (Arkan Nr. 2)
The UK based musician Nick Barber collaborated on the lyrics of this song. ”The Choice” (Arkan Nr.2) belongs to one important feature in our school, the Ashram Matri Surya, that we call Musical Oracle and which comprises 22 songs in total. The Musical Oracle can be seen as an analogy or bridge between a tarot deck and the Arkan songs, which are special songs that deliver a message about the archetypical emotional, psychological and spiritual evolution that we experience as human beings. Arkan comes from arcana, the secret knowledge, that we are able to gain and integrate during our healing journey of self-knowledge as we walk the path towards the realisation of our true identity. The lyrics are the messenger who helps us to understand and reflect upon the deeper meaning in our life situations in order to rediscover and restore wholeness. ”The Musical Oracle is an offering we have in form of a private session at the Ashram Matri Surya, my wife Surya has another tool – this is my main tool. The person picks three songs placed in a particular order in an enneagram like map and after that share and unveil their meaning in depth.”

8. Novo Templo
When we `consecrate´ medicines from the forrest, sometimes we are inspired or touched by the spirit and receive these hymns. They are healing songs that we compile in a book called `Hinario´. Each song contains its own teaching, a soulful touch in the shape of a musical and lyrical message. This one is really a special one, because it’s quite cheerful and uplifting in melody and rhythm, yet it reminds us to stay firm on our spiritual path, foreseeing the signs which lead us to build and rejoice in our own inner temple as well as gathering in common unity to praise life itself. Musically it carries the spirit of the Peruvian Andes and the folkloristic tradition of its indigenous people that Chandra and his wife Surya visiting every year.

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