The Berlin club Watergate is celebrating its 20th birthday until December 31st this year. With Laurent Garnier (5.08) and Charlotte De Witte (12.08), ANNA (30.09.), Recondite (01.10.), Richie Hawtin (7.10), Maceo Plex (14.10), Acid Pauli (21.10) Solomun (30.10), Kölsch (18.11), Kollektiv Turmstrasse (25.11), Anja Schneider (26.11.) having already paid their tribute to the unique location and its crowd by the river Spree numerous other high-profile bookings like Innellea live in concert (15.12), Christian Löffler (29.12.), Andhim b2b Oliver Koletzki (30.12.) and the big finale Every End Is A New Beginning (01.01.2023) are lined up, letting the international history of electronic dance music shine bright and colourful. Check all Club dates HERE

The club’s resident DJs have been touring both nationally and internationally under the banner Watergate 20 Years (#W20) throughout the year in clubs and at festivals, for example at Tomorrowland, the Exit Festival or at ADE. On November 25th, the „Watergate 20 Years“ compilation was released as triple gatefold vinyl & digital on the in-house label Watergate Records with 20 exclusive tracks by the artists: Adana Twins, Anja Schneider, Biesmans, DJEFF, Ede & Max Joni, Extrawelt, Gorje Hewek & Joseph Ashworth, Henrik Schwarz, Hyenah, JAMIIE, JOPLYN, Jos & Eli, Kid Simius, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Kristin Velvet, Marco Resmann & Lee Jones, Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis, Mia Mendi, Sasha, Stephan Jolk. Read release press release here

Formats: Digital / 3LP
Release date: 25.11.2022
Label: Watergate Records

3LP features:

  • Triple Gatefold with matt plastification finish, hot foil stamping & spot lack.
  • Vinyl white+black, yellow+black, red+black ink-spot „corona vinyl“ color effect, limited to 500 copies.
  • Printed 180g inner sleeves.
  • Contains admission voucher for Watergate Club for two people at a night of choice & download code.

Tracklisting digital:

  1. Henrik Schwarz – You Need Attitude, 02. Ede & Max Joni – Weine Nicht Kind, 03. JOPLYN – Lima, 04. Biesmans – Basic Bro, 05. Stephan Jolk – Better Together, 06. Jos & Eli – Place to High, 07. Mia Mendi – Astromech, 08. Anja Schneider – Can’t You See Me
    No More, 09. Kid Simius – Fabrica De Baile, 10. Extrawelt – Rover, 11. Sasha – Wolf Cider,
  2. Kristin Velvet – Wanted Competition, 13. Adana Twins – Nacht, 14. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Raw, 15. Gorje Hewek & Joseph Ashworth – Noa, 16. Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis – Genki, 17. DJEFF – Cloud 7, 18. Hyenah – Going in Circles, 19. JAMIIE –
    Echoes, 20. Marco Resmann & Lee Jones – Tone Trails

Tracklisting 3LP:

A1) Henrik Schwarz – You Need Attitude, A2) Ede & Max Joni – Weine nicht Kind, A3) DJEFF – Cloud 7, B1) Adana Twins – Nacht, B2) Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Raw, B3) JOPLYN – Lima, C1) Sasha – Wolf Cider, C2) Mia Mendi – Astromech, C3) Stephan Jolk Better Together, D1) Gorje Hewek & Joseph Ashworth – Noa, D2) Jos & Eli – Place 2 High, D3) Kid Simius – Fabrica de Baile, E1) Extrawelt – Rover, E2) Anja Schneider – Can’t You See Me No More?, E3) Kristin Velvet – Wanted Competition, F1) Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis – Genki, F2) Hyenah – Going in Circles, F3) Biesmans – Basic Bro

The iconic club by the Spree celebrates 20 years with a mammoth 20 track compilation of new and unreleased tracks exclusive to the compilation. From Sasha to Anja Schneider, Henrik Schwarz and Adana Twins, right through to the ascendent names such as JAMIIE, Kristin Velvet, JOPLYN and Biesmans, the compilation is an exhilarating snapshot of some of the artists who have shaped Watergate’s sound; both via the label and through laying down unforgettable sets at the club over a two-decade period.

The highlight heavy compilation charts a course throughout all the deep, dark, euphoric, tech and even pop-laden corners of house music. Henrik Schwarz navigates a classic course via the vibey ‘You Need Attitude’, while JOPLYN brings soaring melodies and arresting vox with ‘Lima’. Biesmans is in characteristic sleek form with the sparkling nostalgic-soaked business of ‘Basic Bro’, before emerging stars Mia Mendi contribute a driving electro jam ‘Astromech’. The iconic Anja Schneider is an essential addition. The Berlin icon brings her A-Game with the big piano chords and gospel vocals of ‘Can’t You See Me No More’ before handing the baton to Extrawelt who comes strong with a delicious micro house serenade ‘Rover’. Sasha weaves a trademark masterful beast with ‘Wolf Cider, a dark and twisted weapon that’s packed with plenty of groove and low-end attitude. First premiered during her excellent Boiler Room session in 2019, Kristin Velvet’s ‘Wanted Competition’ is a propulsive gem that reinforces her position as one of the most exciting breakout producers of the last two years.

Adana Twins are always on-point and they don’t disappoint with ‘Nacht’ a deviant, distorted house tool the belongs in every DJ’s back pocket. Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis enjoy a superlative history on Watergate Records and share another ace ‘Genki’, a shimmering, drama-laden piece that morphs into a tougher psy-laden finish. New Watergate Agency signing DJEFF crafts an uplifting string-laden ace with ‘Cloud 7, showing off his impressive musicianship along the way, while Hyenah make an essential contribution with the funky key-driven houser ‘Going in Circles’. Club resident JAMIIE shares the wicked ‘Echoes’, which is pacey and hypnotizing in equal measures and brought to life by colourful arpeggios and a latticework of key patterns. The project rounds out on a stunning note with ‘Tone Trails’, a lilting slice of electronica by Watergate stalwart Marco Resmann & Lee Jones, which is inflected with organic guitar and dreamy melodies. The release will be presented as a triple gatefold vinyl using a special ink-spot color effect and will feature a collection of the compilation’s key tracks, while all tracks will be
available digitally.