Bars in Kreuzberg: Basement

„BASEMENT“ is a collective movement offering a hair salon, bar and exhibition space.We are situated in Spreewaldplatz nestled next to the beautiful Gorlitzer park. The name itself, „Basement“, refers to the original use of the space as a charming basement bathhouse that was built in 1878. The interior today remains catching to the eye with it’s raw varnished walls, vintage and homemade furniture, and colourful tiling. Basement, hair salon provides bespoke hairstyling from an international hand-picked team. Japanese stylist Yaz is a true samurai when it comes to cutting hair. Yaz has spent the last 5 years working in east London’s Spittafields salons and editorial photoshoots. Her love for the german language and electronic music brought her to Berlin, where she can push her art to its full potential. Australian born Anneke has worked on editorial shoots, hair competitions and shows such as Sydney fashion week. Now living in Berlin, Anneke is constantly inspired by openness of creativity in the city, and is excited to present her work to the people of Berlin. Sweedish sweetheart Linnea Palmestal loves working with challanging hair structures and hair patterns. Linnea is inspired by visulized graphic perfection and odness of human beings.We at basement8 are very happy to have Linnea join the team.

„Basement“, bar and exhibition space gives a relaxing atmosphere where the public can also sample the creativity of Berlin’s newest artists and musicians.

Spreewaldplatz 8, Kreuzberg
10999 Berlin, Germany
Telefon 030 84114883