Adress: An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin

The Yaam is one of the last and oldest reggae/ dancehall/hip-hop clubs in Berlin and much more than just a club. Beach bar, sand, spree, and food from the South Sea. Urban and street art is a big topic at the new location. There are URBAN ART BBQs, STREETART EXHIBITION and the URBAN ART CLASH Open Studio & Open-Air Gallery. STEP HIGHER presents DRUM & BASS, the STEREO MC’s were already guests. YAAM is streetball, footbag, soccer, skateboarding and climbing; black music in almost every style, whether DJs, soundsystems or live bands. There is no more multicultural place in Berlin. In the Yaam, the future was always just a word with little meaning. For 20 years the Yaam did not care about an intermediate use to the next. At the turn of the year 2013/14 the move to the former area of the Maria Club, at the Schilligbrücke, was completed. For the first time, the YAAM now has a longer-term perspective. Yaam has become not only a club but also a scene for artists, musicians and people through the many connections and friendships that have developed over the years. Well-known faces are SEEED and CULCHA CANDELA. By the way, since the beginning of the Carnival of Cultures, the shop has been an integral part of the procession and also participates in the Myfest.