Loftus Hall (english)

Loftus Hall in Berlin-Neukölln, Maybachufer 48, is a trendy “scene club” for insiders. But normal Berliners can also go there :-) (This sentence was only for tourists.) This really nice location offers an ambitious program for the music scene around Hipsters and the old-fashioned scene. It begins late in the evening; the gigs usually start from 23:00. Whether there is Swing, Beats or House Music, a varied and customized music experience is guaranteed there. Surprise yourself and get ready for the next weekend at Loftus Hall. The ’50s-style of the building, hiding in a mini-forest, is really nice. Wood panelling and flower garlands make the Club/Bar a real visual experience. It is always open from Friday to Sunday. The limitation for not being allowed to smoke is fucked up because there is also a smoker’s bar there. This is just a cool club, with great drinks and great people.

Adress: Maybachufer 48, 10245 Berlin-Neukölln