4.8. AWAY presents Moodymann & DJ Stingray im About Blank Club Berlin

About Blank Club Berlin

Line Up:
Moodymann [ Mahogani Music]
DJ Stingray [Weme | Tresor]
Move D [Away Music | Smallville]
Peter Van Hoesenn [Time to Express]
Eric Cloutier [Palinoia]
Claire Morgan [AWAY]
Eluize [Night Tide | Away]
Discrete Circuit [Astray Records | Delsin | Beardman]
P.Leone [E-Missions | Rekids | Work Them Records]
Lawrence Lee [E-Missions]
Kim Bergstrand [Patterns of Perception]
Steve Duncan [Patterns of Perception]
Hysteria [Patterns of Perception]
Andreas Maan [Patterns of Perception]
Isaac Fryar [Melbourne]
Away Soundsystem [AWAY]

AWAY brings back Moodymann – August 4th – 6th 2018

We can NEVER kick this feeling when it hits. Moodymann. Summer. Party Central.

Back once again is the legend himself, KDJ, working that midwest magic on the wheels of steel. Time to put some more freak in your week! Detroit is in the house and you never know which other schoolyard friends from the Motor City might be down for the ride… oh wait…!!! DJ Stingray.. 313! 313! Hell yeah!

Speaking of legends, direct outta Heidelberg, the supreme selector Move D will be bringing more bounce to the ounce with all of his hot and heavy jams. Peter Van Hoesen is also joining us for this trip, master craftsman in the techno trade and total vibe architect. Belgium’s finest!

Back to put more pep in our step, Eric Cloutier will be directing the Transatlantic dance floor traffic once again while Claire Morgan, P.Leone and Discrete Circuit ignite proverbial party rockets to help light our way into the future.

Our cousins from outta space, the whole crew from Patterns of Perception, will bend things completely out of shape for us. Eluize is set to usher in the fresh morning breeze with some serious wow and flutter while Isaac Fryar gets all intercontinental offering a little late night love from downunder. nolens.volens will let us feast on a live and kicking buffet of tropical technology and the inhouse mood mechanics Away Soundsystem will make an appearance too… but you already knew that. They wouldn’t miss it for the world. ♥

Pure. Emotional. Content.
What are we gonna do… gonna do?
See you on the dancefloor! X