Fiese Remise

Adress: Köpenicker Str. 18-20, 10997 Berlin


Peer Schröder
mobil: 0176 – 31 19 83 67

The club Fiesere Miese is located next to the Sage Restaurant in the Köpenick in Berlin- Kreuzberg. By June 2011, there was a useless standing around by Remise. Overnight, the empty building was converted into a club. First the club was named Fiese Remise, and then there was a lawsuit, so it was renamed as Fiesere Miese. (I got it mixed up all the time). In any case, the location is on the other side of the Exil Möbelhaus. Here there is electronic music played from known Berlin city DJs and occasionally international guests. Sascha Kösch aka DJ Bleed and Maker of De:bug always starts his UR Wedding here. A wonderful series, which sends Live Stream DJ sets to the Internet, much like Boiler room.