13359 Berlin-Wedding

Nicole Roscher

Located in Wedding-Berlin, Cake Studio Berlin boasts excellent Daylight, 6 meter ceilings and a 2 ton loading crane all in a classic Berlin ‘studio loft’ atmosphere. The studio is available for photo/film production, castings and is ideal for exhibitions, meetings, showrooms and pop-up stores. Centrally situated with great public transport connections and has ample parking available.


-130 sqm studio area / 1st Floor
– 6 meters high ceiling
– Skylight 4×2 meters
– 2 tons loading crane
– Huge door 4×6 meters for loading and unloading
– Second level balcony 12 sqm
– Make-Up and Styling Area
– Kitchen
– WiFi
– 2 Bathrooms / Toilet / Shower
– Parking facilities

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Nächster Artikel9.5. Arena Club invites Swayzak, Samuel L Session, Lenny Posso & Adam Marshall
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