Doctor Dru is back on JEUDI. After sashays to Upon You, Cacao & Glasgow Underground Doctor Dru’s heading back with full power on his own imprint.

This year he was reflecting about the joy of existence and what might be the slowest way to travel Egypt. Which curiously lead to the steadily developing funkyish stomper ‚Mind Parade‘.
It’s ever evolving 5th line synth and poetry philosophising about joy leads into a dense, feverish drop built to shake your existence. This tune is touching the peak time with pure but sublte power.

‚Egypt Express‘ is the romantic imagination of travelling Egypt. A pulsating sequence is carrying you through the journey. Maybe at the camp for the night you took a drag of this pipe and the synth sequence suddenly turns into a psychodelic adventure. But no reason to worry; the pulse is keeping it together and is turning your trip into a ride of joy.

Veröffentlichungsdatum der EP:
8 März 2018