Heads up! An early 2018 gift from Stephan Bodzin’s Herzblut as the enigmatic Luna Semara returns to the label with more of her trademark striking sagas. Two tracks rippling with tension and drama, it’s an earnest statement of evocative intent from both the label and Luna alike.
We ignite with the beautifully titled ‘Yul Brynner’. Stern unfaltering pads and trembling percussion mirror the great actor’s famous unflinching gaze and the lead synth shimmers with a kingly presence that gradually rising in width and intensity. A powerful dancefloor waiting to be told, this grabs you be the loins of your imagination.
‘Blackwash’ cuts to the chase with a much more direct route; a staccato stab leads the charge before a kickdrum switch the changes the groove entirely opening up caverns of space for the synth tendrils to creep and crawl through before the vast sunrise pads sweep across the mix, blurring all senses of time and space as the elements strip further and further back to the naked elements. Evocative, dizzying and theatrical, Luna has once again spun two truly singular narratives for our dancefloor pleasure. If this is a sign of things to come, 2018 is going to be a fine fine year.