Born in Liverpool England, from an early age Carl was listening to electronic music by the likes of Japanese master Isao Tomita and since 1986 he has been making his own music with computers. He started to put music onto records in the early 1990s and soon became involved with prestigious labels around the world like Warp, Soma, Klang, SCSI-AV, Novamute, Satamile, Electrix and was also a founder and chief producer for the UK’s 2020 Vision label. With a career crossing three decades Finlow has produced an enormous catalog of music and a quick look at his discography will reveal hundreds of releases and remixes for acclaimed artists such as Andrew Weatherall, Luke Slater, John Tejada, Thomas Heckmann and Eric Estornel. Since moving to France in 2002 he has continued to produce a stream of electro EP’s and albums and has played live as far and wide as Tokyo, Moscow, New York and LA. Not content to rest within one genre, Carl has also made many pieces of music for tv and radio around the globe and he continues to push his skills as a composer and a producer. Maceo Plex „Carl has produced some of my favorite electro tracks of all time, and successfully occupies the most space in my record collection.  And he’s possibly not human” Andrew Weatherall „For quite a number of years now I have been convinced that Mr Finlow is a conduit for musical transmissions beamed from a parallel universe, sometime in the future”. Keith Tucker / Aux 88 „Carl Finlow has been to the Electro movement a breath of fresh air. When ever visiting Europe and playing  clubs , I would always hear some music that always stood out from the rest, and caught my ear. Viewing the dj’s record would always show a Carl Finlow moniker or production. Carl Finlow’s vocoder work was amazing and inspiring!”. 2018 will see Finlow’s most productive year so far with 10 releases cut and ready to go in the first few months alone, including a very special 16 track 4 piece vinyl retrospective entitled ‚A Selection of Works‘ pt1 & pt2 on the UK label For Those That Knoe. Following this will see a new ‚Silicon Scally Live at Scand‘ LP on Electrix and EP’s on CPU, Orson, Craigie Knowes, A C Records, Crobot Muzik and the Romboid Assassin EP on Eric Estornel’s Lone Romantic label. A new live show which includes tracks from all of the new releases is complete and is set to shake the dance floors with his dark sci-fi electro.