Sao Paulo’s „Vermelho Wonder“ (AKA DJ Vermelho and vocalist Ivana Wonder) debut on Mister Mistery, loaded with Italo-disco, New-wave, Synth-pop and House influences, the duo already made a name for themselves locally with a huge and very present fanbase.

The tracks of the EP: „Nightcrawlers“ and „Feelings“ are both highly anticipated in their live shows, sounding a lot like anthems in Sao Paulo’s rich and diverse nightlife.
To top it off, we have two different dance-floor remixes by Italian Massimiliano Pagliara (LARJ/Ostgut Ton) and Mister Mistery’s ROTCIV.

In artistic harmony Vermelho Wonder produce a series of musical works, video experiments and live performances – they have already performed at the Red Bull Music Academy São Paulo and Milkshake festivals as well as numerous clubs and venues locally.

Marcio Vermelho is no stranger, creator of an artistic multiverse such as the ODD parties in Sao Paulo, a collective that reconfigured the expressive reality of its hometown and made it the focal point of an eclectic and emboldened sound not only in Brazil, but across the continent.

Having played in renowned venues from Panorama Bar to D-Edge and reaching the floors across the globe all the way through the colossal ones such as Dekmantel and DGTL to name a few.

Release date: March 09th, 2019