Berlin born musician and visual artist Ben Ivory started his music journey,
at an early age in a children’s choir on german television. He formed a variety of music groups as a teen, his vision already quite clear, achieving his first official nod of recognition for his millennium-heralding release „THE SOUND OF REVELATION“, the debut album of his respected band project SPLINTER X. Honing his skills as a writer and composer in the film and fashion industry, and working intensively to define his wave-influenced electro sound in the following years, Ben Ivory dropped his first solo single „PERFECT STRANGER“ in 2009.

After the release of more solo material, he signed with Warner Music for an interesting adventure in major label pop, which resulted in his 80s-inspired solo debut album „NEON CATHEDRAL“, an opportunity to focus on his passion for strong melodies over chic, dark, electronic influenced soundscapes.

The album was critically and popularly well-received, on an international level and also brought the artist his first chart entrys. Even though Ben Ivory struggled with the industries expectations and his young fame, he went on a extensive tour, to fulfill his commitments. All in all the Major Label chapter was a valuable lesson, both in what Ben Ivory is capable of and what he knows his own spirit well enough to walk away from.

Ben Ivory’s next evolutionary step involved the decision to put his solo career on hold in order to go indie ways again and team up with legendary berlin based DJane and producer EVA BE, to release their 2014 GET PHYSICAL collab „CLOSER“, which became a monster club hit later that year, followed by their second EP „NO LOVE“ in early 2015.

Equipped with new ideas and the hard-won knowledge of his maturing abilities, in 2016 Ben Ivory dropped his soul-exposing solo „SOLO(W)“ and his internationally anticipated „GOLD“ EP. Protecting his persona more and more from the glare of the public eye and doubling down on his artistic obsessions with the deeper spirits of SOUND and VISION, which pulled him forward from the earliest beginnings of his dreaming youth. 2017 was the year of more interesting collaborations. Ben Ivory worked with dub and underground-house duo LoYoTo on their CLOSING release and also featured vocals on NILS HOFFMANN’s dance hymn „TIME“.

The next BEN IVORY EP „ARROW/STARS“, which came out later that year, marked his first release on italian electronic label Boutade Musique and was presented with two iconic music videos.

„BLOWBACK“ is now, the haunting follow up, continuing his partnership with Boutade Musique. Ben Ivory finds himself, once again, in the spotlight, stronger than ever, wiser and ready.