Berlin-based experimentalist junk-E-cat is at the centre of the left-field electronic scene emerging from Europe at the moment. He returns with his electrifying EP Treature, fusing together electronic and acoustic influences, released via Mutterkomplex on November 29th.

After his initial EP KREATUR was dropped in May 2019, his ethos has been complete creativity on all fronts. Growing up with a love of jazz music from Herbie Hancock to Michel Perucciani, his unique capabilities are not surprising. From an experimental standpoint, the artist aims to shape a new spectre of dance music, integrating classic instrumentals with a club edge. This new single has already premiered at Melt Festival and the Listen to Berlin compilation.

‘Treature’ is a steady and exciting track, perfectly formed for remixes and manipulation. A sensual clarinet riff carries the track through, while a punchy bass-line fires up the dance-floor, high-velocity synths cutting through the darkness. The next mix comes from Mr.LuckyLoop aka Martin Watchkowitsch, who layers the mix with dub and blues elements perfect for the after-party.

Spanish producer Carlo mixes next, and much like his residency at Watergate and Ipse, he masters the track up to full house velocity, whilst the club mix is perfected to emphasize the repetitive, hypnotic vocals.

Expect junk-E-cat’s latest single to be released this November 29th, through Mutterkomplex.

This is not something to be missed.