Artist: Club Soda
Title: Vibin’ Places
Label: Flexi Cuts
Cat #: 006
Format: LP
Genre: House, Balearic, Cosmic, Electronic
Release Date: approx 16/02

A1 Club Soda
A2 Things Change
A3 Chicago Fire (feat. Enzo Balestrazzi)
B1 Finally We Have A Dx7
B2 Shake Well For A Blues Flavour
B3 Bob From Outer Space

Flexi Cuts, label based on the record store in Italy of the same name, is back with another high quality release in early 2020. We are talking about the record produced by the Italian live band Club Soda @clubsoda_live, which has recorded studio jam sessions playing old-school instruments (like samplers, bass guitar, 80s keyboards) to create a natural and original sound. This sound recalls that of classic house, disco and “handmade” electronic music, yet is not limited to this simple dance approach but rather reflects a grand collection of influences from the past as well as predictions from the future. Vibin’ Places is a mini LP, cast as a live recording with six tracks that flow as a continuous mix, capturing the soul of this exciting musical project.