Leloopar- Error handling EP

Release Date – 22/04/20

Label Name – defmain music

Release Track list:
1. blackout period
2. concatenate
3. rectifier
4. code persistence

Error Handling EP is the latest ep from Leloopar. A 4 track ep showcasing the talents of Leloopar. Tough, industrial techno made for bone shattering sound systems.

There are no gimmicks on this release, just well executed music from a producers who understands the suitable nuances of techno’s undulating rhythm and how it works on the floor , combined that with Leloopar’s desire to push boundaries and you have an EP which works perfectly for Def mains ethos.

Artist Bio: [le] [loop] [art]: The alias merges two characteristics that define the music he creates and propagates. [loop] Looping rhythmic parts, riffs or melodies to create enticing grooves that stimulate the body for dancing.[art] His artistic treatment of sonic motifs renders a wide array of atmospheres.

Researching distinctive sounds is at the core of his musical framework. Layering textures to create original grooves leloopar embraces innovative technologies. He astonishes the audience by blending diverse sound producing techniques.

Cumulating years of experiences in music production, DJing and live performance under a different moniker (do not ask, he will not tell you), leloopar makes listeners or party people have a memorable time. From intimate atmosphere to intense parties, leloopar finds a way to spark the crowd.

Artist Quote:
“ I envisioned a world when AI will be far more superior at error handling than humans to create this four track ep of post-apocalyptic techno. I experimented with layers of cinematographic soundscape and sci-fi artifact to emphasize dramatic effect. Each track explores different facets of techno in a particular mindset.

I started blackout period using a massive kick drum sample. It was so huge that I couldn’t fit it in a 4/4 format but it sat nicely in some of my electrobreaks patterns. The ravey synth sound hook came unexpectedly while working on another project.

Linking various softsynth presets together similarly to object coding gave the initial concept of concatenate. The techno drum patterns came at the end of the project.

Rectifier is entirely based on industrial soundscape but instead of focusing on the aggressiveness of these types of sounds I adapted them in a disturbing tranquil rumbling.

I tend to avoid synth lines that resemble guitar riffs but I couldn’t in code persistence.
This track is built in a more common techno form but still retains the industrial characteristics.“