Release Date – April 27 th , 2020

Label Name – Campo Alegre Productions

Release Track list:
1. Floating Formation
2. Parallel Palindrome
3. Ravaged Romance
4. Future Past Gone

The third Neural Nocturnes installment from Chicago’s preeminent artist „Change Request“, a guise of Andrew Emils. Change Request is simply a compilation that consists of an amalgamation of Emil’s impressive range of musical influences. His latest and greatest incarnation of his musical chameleon self. This moniker is utilized as an avenue for his own personal re-working of his beloved R&B and Jazz and beyond – augmented to present Contemporary Steppers music that is as danceable as it is introspective.

This „Summer Vibes“ EP, brings together a collection of the more upbeat, positive and thoroughly danceable. Sometimes touching on a Balearic feel, this is pure sunshine in a bottle. A starry mix of warm tones, electronic hints, and a very Disco inspired sound but you can still here Andrews House roots in the production.