Next up on London based Everybody In we have a 4 tracker from Belgium born Aemone. Stylistically this lo-fi EP has its roots firmly in the classic deep house but with a modern twist. Aemone’s crafty sampling of obscure jazz, 90s rave and other sources has an astuteness which is rarely heard outside of the masters.

This vibe filled record is all about a dirty sampled sound, juxtaposed with a dance floor focus, from the rolling and dreamy Hold You to the quirky and non-standard kilter of Purple Sun and sampled creaminess of Rise, all the way to the 90’s melter that is Take Your Time.

This is one of those EP’s where the artist shows you a few of their different faces, all equalling more than the sum of the parts. This record features artwork by the 3D Italian artist Mauro Casalino and drops the 5th of June on Everybody In.

The Label

Launched in 2019, Everybody In is a London-based music label focused on house, techno and IDM. Our aim is to create an open community, bringing together different cultures, sounds and ideas.