Vocalist: Peter Jericho
Remixer: Kai Alcé
Label: Léman Records
Cat: Léman002
Release Date: Friday 26th April
Format: Digital / Vinyl
Genre: Deep House

We’re pleased to announce our second release! „In Search for the Good“ features 4 tracks – 2 originals from our own Mystic V and 2 remixes from legend Kai Alcé, with vocals from Peter Jericho, known for his work with Vick Lavender and solo projects.
A-side starts with Kai’s vocal mix – solid and efficient track with the signature NDATL groove! A2 features the flute instrumental dub, adding a melodic and airy element blending seamlessly with Peter Jericho’s cut out vocals.
On the flip, check out the original version of „Miracles“ – a percussive classic house track with lush chords and strings, warm bassline and of course Peter Jericho’s vocals for that extra spirituality and emotion. B2 features “All One’s Hope“, a captivating dance floor-ready track built around a powerful bassline and deep synths.