Bada-Bada – „II“
Including remixes by Fabrizio Rat & Distant Echoes
The 8-track EP Out November 20th via Jazz-o-Tech


01. R4G3
02. Venus
04. Shiva
05. Maria João
07. R4G3 (Fabrizio Rat Remix)
08. Bada-Bada (Distant Echoes Remix)


Spine-tingling instrumental-electronic fusion comes to mind with every release on the Jazz-o-Tech imprint, and coming to join the amusement is pioneering French trio Bada-Bada with an 8 track record titled ‘II’ that cooks up an amalgamation of jazz and techno and bears 6 original tracks alongside remixes by Fabrizio Rat and Distant Echoes.

Devoted to creating a boundless sound with improvisation at its core, Bada-Bada present themselves as a Trans-Jazz trio who strive to unveil music that incorporates traditional and electronic elements, bringing together a diverse range of textures to devise haunting and emotive soundscapes. Inspired by heroes like David Bowie, Steve Reich, and Radiohead, Bada-Bada have transversed genres and flourished in their creative freedom to bring us ‘II’, a record that embodies an assortment of both sombre and boisterous music moments.

The opening track ‘R4G3’ introduces the thrilling theme that sets the tone for the rest of the record, with cliff-hanging jazz melodies that hover over rabid drum beats and chilling screeches that echo in the distance. ‘Venus’ delivers glimmers of cinematic seductiveness with a medley of climatic percussions and invigorating saxophone variations. ‘TLLNN PART2’ sends us into a gentle, subdued state of nostalgia with softly distorted indie instrumentals that flow into expansive drum sequences and whispers of angelic background notes. ‘Shiva’ lures us back to jazz land with curious jazz melodies and tension-building mechanical overtones. The distorted layers take control of the soundscape sending you into haunted oblivion. ‚Maria Jao‘ acts a merciful lullaby to tenderise the mind after a slew of frantic spectacles, employing soft-tempered instrumentals, all the while maintaining a hint of suspense. Here to uproot us from our placid state is ‘Bada-Bada’ with a frenzy of bellowing horns that create an instance of impassioned chaos. The track briefly melts into a lamenting melody before climaxing with a hectic jolt of electrifying synth sounds.
Techno producer-slash-pianist Fabrizio Rat manipulates his classical piano background with modern techno to exhibit a powerful and unique sound on the Jazz-o-Tech label as well as imprints like 24H. His remix of ‘R4G3’ brings the track into true techno territory with a penetrating drum beat and an extra smattering of industrial influences. It comes as no surprise that Dystopian label luminary and Out-er co-owner Distant Echoes has added his magic touch to this album following on from his collaboration on the label’s THIS IS TECHNO JAZZ Vol. 1 compilation. His remix of ‘Bada-Bada’ rounds us off with a hazy take on the original track, creating the perfect atmospheric moment with visceral dub beats and the sound of grainy mechanical raindrops.

‘II’ is an exquisite record that showcases the expansive nature of Bada-Bada’s musical talent and their rightful partnership with the Jazz-o-Tech imprint, with each track introducing a new concept completely unique to the last, keeping the listener on their toes and bringing them on a neverending journey into genre-bending abysm.

Bada-Bada’s ‘II’ will be released via Jazz-o-Tech Records on November 20th 2020!