Following on from his critically acclaimed album ‘Fall To Pieces’, Tricky releases new EP, “Doorway”. The EP features two competition winning versions of album track ‚I’m In The Doorway‘ from fans LOUISE and Mars Blackbird, and a new version from Tricky himself.

The ‚Doorway‘ EP continues Tricky’s tradition of sourcing widely unknown artists to work alongside. Following a competition callout for fans to provide alternate vocals for the playlisted and acclaimed single, Tricky gravitated towards two of the artist submissions and went on to tailor the original instrumental track to fit with their vocals LOUISE, the singer born in the North East of Brazil in the city of Recife recorded her vocal take via phone. Mars Blackbird the other vocalist, real name Aristotelis Mavropoulos, is a songwriter born in Croydon and raised in Saint Mauritius.

Tricky might be over three decades deep into his music career but he’s currently on an especially prolific run. In the last year, he dropped the enchanting ‚20,20‘ EP and put out his acclaimed autobiography, ‚Hell Is Round The Corner‘. The next year will see Tricky tour across Europe in support of his album release.

1. Doorway (No More Mix) feat. LOUISE
2. Doorway (All The Way Mix) feat. Mars Blackbird
3. Doorway (Talking With Maxine Mix) feat. Oh Land