Walter ME – Light Your Soul On Fire (Remixed By Andre Salmon)
Label Name: – Savia Park
Release Date: – Friday, December 18 2020

Track Listing:

1. Light Your Soul On Fire
2. Light Your Sould On Fire (Andre Salmon)
3. Sin Toque

SOUNDS LIKE to: Amine Edge & Dance , Detlef, Wade, Michael Bibi, Pawsa, Denniz Cruz, Raffa FL, Riva Starr

After a massive EP on Fuse Records, Walter ME strikes back to Savia Park and generates his new release inspired by artists of the old school of rap which he listened in a young age, now in his adulthood through his career as a electronic music producer, borned an idea of joining his past with his present creating a solid mix of sweet deep house melodies with a peculiar mix of rap swing.

Andre Salmon appears in this EP with a solid remix, housy and deep, a version that he wanted to stay attached to the original but with his essence, the formula is mind blowing and is great as a tool for the right moment of the dj set.