Timeshare​ is a new label platform from Berlin-based producer, developer, sound designer, educator, and artist ​Noah Pred​. Providing a home on Bandcamp for collaborations with friends and artists, each release will support a specially selected charitable organisation. ​

Berlin Collective Action​ focuses on distributing much-needed resources and support to local queer nightlife communities most severely impacted by the current crisis — precarious low-income workers, non-EU migrants and people of colour, trans- and gender non-conforming people, sex workers, those with pre-existing conditions who may therefore be more socially isolated, and those for whom alternative systems of support do not generally exist.

Produced by ​Noah Pred​ and ​Dean Grenier​ over a series of late summer nights in Dean’s Friedrichshain studio, these tracks explore their shared affinity for warm, spacious analog techno. ​Iteration X​ takes a somewhat headier, more driven approach, while ​Interrelate​ shimmers with lush atmospherics as playful synths adorn the periphery. Notably, both tracks were born from experimental custom sequencers constructed by Noah in Max/MSP, due for public release later this year via ​Manifest Audio.


Pred & Grenier​ shared their time to make this music, and now share that time with you, as music, so we can use our time, together, to share with those who need it most — thanks to Berlin Collective Action.