Orlando B
Title: Foreversong
Label: Contemplate Recordings
Cat #: CTP06
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: Nov/Dec 2021
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Orlando B returns with a timeless track, ‘Foreversong’ for the sixth installment on his ‘Contemplate Recordings’ label.

Running in at just over 10 minutes, ‘Foreversong’ is an emotive “tour de force” showcasing his love for nostalgic, ‘Detroit’ influenced melodies and tugging string lines. With its uplifting vibe and atmospheric breakdown, ‘Foreversong’ is the perfect “end of the night” track.

‘New Day’ kicks off the B-Side with an uplifting piano house intro’ and a cheeky oldskool vocal sample. The arrangement builds gradually before the kick and bass line drop, taking it to the next level.

Closing track ‘Dark Place’ goes down a stripped back techno route to compliment the first two melodic house tracks. The main riff was born out of a jam session, playing around with a twisted hypnotic synth line which mutates throughout keeping the listener locked in. Muted percussion and a subby bass sound give this track a dark warehouse vibe, ideal for moody clubs around the land.