After Balm released two summer hits with „My Sound“ and „Other Keeper (feat. Knixx)“ on Traktor Records, the „Be Yourself“ EP on Twin Town will now hit the stores for the fall season. (V.Ö. 22.10.21)

The originals captivate lightness and joy and get you in a good mood at any time of the day or night. A certain reference to the good old downbeat and trip hop times of the Viennese school are recognizable here. A homage to Tosca, Trüby Trio and K&D, without losing the thread of originality and freshness in the arrangement or mixing. Involved in this story are also old and new companions who have worked on „Balm’s“ originals.

„Erlenbrunn & Stachy.DJ“ who announce their first collaboration as remixers deliver on „Balm’s“ track „Be yourself“ a five man – spa chapel of analog sources, jazzy, dubby balsam with lightly tinkled vapor notes to heal your soul. Respect goes out to the Labbelbuddys „Bronsyn“ who dropped in a balmy piano track and „DomFX“ who plucked in the funky shingaling bridge with his electric guitar.

„Sample Samurai’s“ remix creates exciting new textures in „Go“ by purposefully destroying and restructuring the elements. As a contrast to the jazzy and flowing original, „Go“ shows its faster side in the remix and brings the track to the dancefloor so that it can also go off in house and electronic sets.

„Agja“ on the other hand lets the summer warmth in once again in the „Go“ remix, playful and graceful at the same time, he nestles a Balearic note into the track which glides towards the sunset in powerful organic house.
Studio Pflug“ was responsible for the mastering and the beautiful cover was done by our youngest designer „Ida“. A strong package that will surely enrich DJ sets or playlists.