Label Name: – LIBL

Release Date: – Friday, March 4 2022

Track Listing:

A1 Bloated
A2 Oiseaux
B1 Crisps
B2 Tears

Record Sounds Like: Hints of Gifted & Blessed, Cloudface and Linkwood. Suited to sweaty basements and headphones alike.

Early support from i:Cube, Iz and Diz, Space Dimension Controller, Rob Da Bank and more.

Bloated – Hushed beginnings quickly make way for missile-like snares and medicine ball solid kicks. Cloud like pads sit atop smashed up 808 percussion edits and in the pocket bass. We ebb and flow confidently, climaxing with a string lead, which sounds part melodica, part neon chorus fog before returning for 1 last go-round of the central message.

Oiseaux – Oiseaux combines crunched up Latin rhythms, 90s Metalheadz bass pressure and slithery pads, all contributing to a fathoms deep ‘what the fuck actually is it’ vibe. Subtle variations in the layered up kick and ride patterns take us all the way through to the entrance of an all-conquering squelchy synth line which leads us all the way out the back door.

Crisps – Crisps centres around a smudged minimalist to and fro between icey Juno pads and a chunky delayed ARP sound. All of this rides over smashed kicks and percussion loops, which swell and surge all the way to the end, but not before we meet the glowing diversion of a stabby beatdown breakdown.

Tears – Tape manipulations of chewy pads and ARP patterns lead us through to a chuggy 2 step rhythm and big barrel of a stab bass. Regal string lines and 909 rides enter later on. Reload friendly mainly because it’s all over before it’s even begun.

Artist Quote – „LiBL are proud to present Umarga’s first solo release. 4 tracks equally indebted to Detroit and London alike, Umarga channels multiple styles and bpms, while still managing to come up with a group of tracks that sound characteristically Umarga.
Influenced and inspired by tapes of late 90s Fabio & Grooverider shows, all the way through to the unexpected wonders of nature, Umarga steps out with an ambitious set of mini ear odysseys.“