10.-15. October 2023

Tehran Contemporary Sounds (TCS) is proud to announce the fourth edition of the TCS festival to be happening on 13th, 14th and 15th of October 2023 in Bethanien Studio 1. TCS is a Berlin-based hub, for Iranian musicians, sonic and visual artists and collectives living abroad as well as in Iran, with the aim to bring together the different voices and forces of the big spectrum of the Iranian contemporary, experimental art and music scene, widely spread across the globe. TCS is dedicated to, creating a platform for showcasing the unique talents of the Iranian artists and musicians; creating a cross-border collaboration hub; facilitating an artistic and interdisciplinary dialogue. In the three days of the festival we’ll have a number 15 performances including two special showcase of the artists of 30M records and Iranian Female Composers Association (IFCA), in Kunstquartier Bethanien Studio 1.


FRIDAY | 8pm
Aftab Darvishi, Mahyar Tahmasbi & BSA Quartet
(30M Records Showcase)
Arefeh Hekmatpanah (IFCA Showcase)
Mariam Rezaei
Saba Alizadeh (30M Records Showcase)
Rojin Sharafi

Shaahin Peymani & Maryam Katan
Aida Shirazi (IFCA Showcase)

SUNDAY | 8pm
Elshan Ghasimi (IFCA Showcase)
Sofia Labropoulou & Shabnam Parvaresh
Abolish i
Ava Rasti
Sara Davachi

Cinematic Synesthesia
10th and 11th of October from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
at Kino Central, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178 Berlin

Cinematic Synesthesia is a curated series of screenings resulting from the collaboration between Tehran Contemporary Sounds (TCS) and the Experimental Film Society (EFS). Twelve Experimental Films by Iranian and International Filmmakers. Q&A with the Filmmakers, hosted by Rouzbeh Rashidi. Films by Yasaman Pishvaei, Nazgol Kashani, Johnny Clyde, Wasim Ghrioui, Anahita Safarnejad, Atoosa Pour Hosseini.
Curated by the Experimental Film Society.

Cinematic Synesthesia Daily Plan


  1. Fool›s Errand (2023) By Nazgol Kashani, 4 Mins, Iran/Germany
  2. Fugitive Rhythms of Uprising (2023) By Yasaman Pishvaei, 10 Mins, Iran/Germany
  3. Hate Being Alone (2023) By Johnny Clyde, 5 mins, Germany
  4. Prayer Cover (2023) By Wasim Ghrioui, 7 mins, Syria/Germany
  5. Zurvan, Diary of a Divided Self (2023), By Nazgol Kashani, 20 mins, Iran
  6. Liminal Space – Diving Within (2022) By Anahita Safarnejad, 22 mins, Iran/Germany
    **Note: The majority of the filmmakers featured in this programme will be in attendance
    and will actively engage in a Q&A session hosted by Rouzbeh Rashidi. This is
    a unique opportunity to interact with these talented individuals and gain valuable
    insights into their work.
    DAY 2
  7. Mirage (2015), 4 mins, Iran / Ireland
  8. Gleanings (2017), 8 mins, Ireland & Switzerland
  9. Refining the Senses (2027), 12 mins, Switzerland, Iran & Ireland
  10. Antler (2018), 15 mins, Ireland
  11. Kinetics (2018), 11 mins, Ireland
  12. The Golden Mask (2020), 20 mins, Ireland, Germany, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina