This spring, you shall witness and celebrate the establishment of the Red Club, hosted by Karmanoia. The Red Club is an immersive performance show at Holzmarkt in the heart of Berlin. This club is not going to be like any other elitist dead-end. The Red Club will be the melting point of the surrealist human congregation where everything you touch will turn into poetry – including yourself. The unique cabaret showcases a range of talents from bizarre sideshow acts to avant-guarde art. The team and staff are dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for all club members.

About the Red Club

The Red Club is designed as a multiphase, immersive theatrical experience that transports you into a world of exclusive surreal strangeness and humor. What can you expect? Karmanoia is going to take you through a series of uncommon and interactive experiences that challenge both your perception of reality and social norms. Expect pioneering performance, trippy theater, comical cabaret, and a good drink.