Humboldthain Club (english)

Electro/Techno/House Clubs in Berlin Wedding: Humboldhain Club

Launched in May 2013, where the club before was called Fate, which closed in 2011. Immediately by the S -Bahn station Humboldt Hain is where the club is now. With many open-air concerts in the same park, this is certainly a well-chosen space. In the new club location Humboldt Park in the district of Wedding, electronic music is played at the weekend. The 20-strong collective operators have also organized the “Plötzlich am Bodden” festival in Usedom. The club entry amounts in average to the score of 8 Euros.
Bookings include: Alex Fiction, Andreas Henneberg, Argenis Brito, Arquette, Bandulero Sound System, craft gang Beddermann & Dahlmann, DanCero & Fabian nickel, David Pasternack, Donald & Rave, It Schallert in the box Faray (Fabian Reichelt & Raycoux Jr), Greenville Massive Hannes Heisster & Joltask, Jakob Faber.
There is a large outdoor area with sand and plenty of seating + bar / dance floor, all with excessive hippie decorations. Inside is a large hexagonal floor + bar and at the top are the toilets and a small Chill out Floor + bar. The drink prices are normal and the bar staff and door staff are nice.


Adress: Hochstr. 46, 13357 Berlin (Wedding)