Musik & Frieden

Falckensteinstr. 48, 10997 Berlin

The successor of the Magnet Club, which closed on 5.9.2015, is Musik & Frieden, and opened on 11.09.2015. The venue is operated by Musik & Frieden Kulturbetriebe GmbH, which is closely linked to Landstreicher Konzerte. The company acts as co-owner of the club. The managing directors of the club are Johanna Ohrt and Marlon Schröter.

Musically the club is on the road in the genres of indiepop, hip hop, punk, singer/songwriter and metal and thus not so far from its predecessor. Due to the rebuilds on the former magnet, the location has also changed its appearance. Many new installations have been added. However, the colours have remained classically indie dark.

Different party series have their home in music & peace like for example #gönn dir and “Drop the bomb”. At concerts, opinions are divided, the sound is problematic, as is the column in the room. In addition, on the upper floor is the Baumhaus Bar, where a view of the Spree and the U1 can be enjoyed during daytime operation.

Concerning the personnel at concerts….. In case of rentals, the organizer’s staff will be seated at the counter accordingly. If they’re bad, you shouldn’t count them towards the club.