Kater Blau

Adress: Holzmarktstr. 25, Berlin unter der S-Bahnbrücke

After the soft opening in June 2014 and a two-month, semi-public trial run, the Kater Holzig returned to the premises of the former Bar25, Its a neverending story… Open from Friday to Monday. There are about 200 people in the outdoor area and „Agnes“ is a place for up to 800 people jumping around. The „Agnes“, is a big wooden boat, which is used as a replacement for the terrace in front of the blue tomcat. The operator is Kater Club GmbH, founded in 2014. The managing director is Christoph Klenzendorf, who had previously co-founded the two predecessor clubs.

The concept is called SaSoMo (Saturday Sunday Monday) and makes it clear from the outset that it goes through like both he Bar25. From Friday to Saturday around midnight with a break in the lineup on Saturday afternoon and evening, except for the official opening until Monday morning. One of the residents is still Dirty Doering, who had already hung up in the bar 25. The bouncers, some of whom have already worked for the predecessor clubs, ensure a rather strict selection of guests. If you’re not let in, stay pliable and don’t stress. Questions will not be answered anyway. Inside the club there is a hangover kiosk just behind the entrance, which is also called Kater Holzig, where you can buy sweets, drinks and various utensils. During the day DJs also play here. Inside the building there are two dance floors, the Heinz Hopper Floor, which is played all the time, and the slightly smaller Acid Arc.

In the blue male there are big chillout areas and enough space for hundreds of people. When it takes longer in the queue again. There’s a gas station across the street. Don’t spend everything, the entrance fee of 10-12 Euro is to be baht.

History: In 2004, a number of wooden sheds were erected on the river Spree, which became a medium-sized company, the Bar25, with a club, circus and restaurant. The BSR site was closed in 2010. Then we went on to the other side of the river in the old soap factory, the club was now called Kater Holzig. One came in there over the area of the light park, with which the tomcat fought an unpleasant quarrel. Funnily enough, it was also about volume. The makers bought back the old premises with the help of a Swiss foundation.