Wild Week of Sculptures, Kinetics, Machines & Fire Installations
◈ Fr. 08 – Fr. 15 Nov.| 18:00 – till late | Indoors & Outdoors | Free Donation
◈ The Smachine Music Program

Art de Allumage & Urban Spree present The Berlin Smachine City Art Nights, a full week of installations, concerts and performances around legendary Berlin cyber, steam & kinetic punk artists, for the first time united under one roof. Art de Allumage will implant and display in the Urban Spree Galerie a whole array of robots, animated & steam-propelled machines, as well as spectacular pyrotechnic installations.

More than 20 international artists will present a selection of their works in the Urban Spree Galerie, among whom:
•Bastiaan Maris has built many fascinating machines of all kinds. Using chemo acoustics he produces soundscapes and music in unexpected ways. Berliner pyromaniac Eddie Egal will also set the night on fire with his powerful frenzied fire performance. Works by the artist Odo Rumpf: the scrap metal artist will present some of his metal fetish constructions. The visitors will also (re)discover some creations by members of the legendary Mutoid Waste Company.
•As well as Cyborgs and other Machines from the Robot’s factory of the Robocross.

The Smachine Art Nights, indoor and outdoor events will start at 18:00 until late. Each performance is followed by a series of different concerts, organized by Urban Spree with a programming related to the art shows.

◈Sculpture, Kinetics, Machine & Fire Installation from:

Allegra Corbo (Graphic artwork)
Bastiaan Maris (Relay Boxes | Relator de Luxe)
Czarnobyl (Stencil Art)
Davide Manzoni (Art of Recycling)
Django Knoth (Portrait Photo Print)
Eddie Egal (Fire Water Fountain & Fire show)
Erico Moreira (Sculpture | Jewellery)
Horst Steel (Time Machine)
Jens Hickel (Moving Things)
KAI (Oelschnabel & More)
Kati Bitzer (Bagger Photo & Book)
Kernschrott Robots (Robots Lampenfamilie)
Kihs1 (Eisen Skulptur | Affe, Fische)
Kolja Kugler (Elton Junk | Birds)
Luca Minotti (Nucleus)
Maja Explosiv (Werkschau)
Milk and Wodka (Comic Painting)
Odo Rumpf (Fetishes)
Paka the Uncredible (Rusty the Horse)
Peio (Ears | 9 Pieces)
Robocross Machines (Topless Dancer)
TNT Tom (Recycled Metal Sculptures)
Wreckage International (Graphic artwork)

In Addition to the Smachine Art Nights, Urban Spree is proud to present the Music Program from the 8th to the 15th of november .

A full week of live acts, djs and perfomances .


◈ Friday o8.11 | Openning | 18:00 | Gallery & Concert Room | Boiler | Free donation

Bob Rutman / Nico Lippolis / N.U.Unrhu Live
Marc Weiser aka Rechenzentrum / Live
Auddie Live
Madlick Live


◈ Saturday 09.11 | BERLIN MACHINE | 18h | Gallery & Concert Room |Boiler | free donation

La parisienne und der klavierspieler (Live)

3 floors dj battle powered by the Urban Spree networking.


◈ Sunday 10.11 | Palaiswittgenstein | Concert Room | 20:00 – 00:00

Palais Wittgenstein and Urban Spree present :
Tony Dekker (Great Lake swimmers) / Live
Califone (Dead Oceane ) / Live


◈ Monday 11.11 | NomendKino | Gallery & ConcertRoom | 6€

Nomaden Kino & Urban Spree present:
A Robotic Movie Nights


◈ Tuesday | TBC


◈ Wednesday 13.11 | DoronBurstein | DeathDisco | Gallery & concert Room | 21:00

Gallery | Doron Burstein klavier techno (solo piano) / 21:00

Concert Room | DEATH # DISCO presents :

Black Marble / Live
XTR Human / Live
dj Alessandro Adriani


◈ Thursday 14.11 | JulieQuentin | HennigSpecht | Gallery & concertRoom |19:00 | Free donation

Gallery | Julien Quentin ( solo piano + electronics )
Concert Room | Urban Spree presents :
Henning Specht and Océane Moussé


◈ Friday 15.11 | Finissage | 18:00 |Gallery & Concert Room | Boiler | Free donation

Maxence Cyrin Solo piano
Shambhu and the True Love Hearts (Live)
Eisentanz ( Live )
Ania et le programmeur

Dj Sheldon Drake and Dr Walker