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„Bored Nothing“

Bored Nothing is certainly a strange phenomenon, mainly as it doesn’t have a hub and it only recently became a band.

Back track a few years and teenager Fergus Miller had no fixed address, and no plans for musical successes. He just recorded homemade tapes and demos while on the road and gave them to people he met along the way. Maybe it was his personal CV, maybe it wasn’t. He met many intriguing people on his travels: train conductors, hoteliers, record store clerks.

His idea from the start was to write songs with electric guitars while trying to maintain a sort-of Daniel Johnston-esque approach to making and sharing music. It didn’t matter whether anyone liked it or not – the music was simply a talking point.

Forward track a few years and the 20-something Fergus has a fixed address, and calls Melbourne home. He’s also made four of those tapes, and the project has moved from a talking point to a full-blown release – full blown in the sense that people can soon buy the album across a few different formats, rather just from Fergus’ famed Bandcamp page.

It’s also transformed from a solo project into something that now resembles a band. But don’t think that band is filled with pro bass-slappers and Johnny Marr-esque hired hands. Fergus has assembled a line-up of friends who he’s currently helping to master their parts. Shows are now being booked, and with any luck an album launch or two will happen over the summer.

But back to the album – a best-of record, in the sense that favourite songs have been chosen from all of the four tapes, rather than a best-of collection released at the end of a career to highlight successes and fortunes. It could also be deemed a compilation album if it possessed more of a time lineage. It actually runs backwards in time though, and changes track severely.

The self-titled record has five new songs that have never appeared elsewhere: its opener, ‘Shit For Brains’, ‘Darcy’ (which has a light and shade styling that sits with tape III standout, ‘Bliss’), ‘Echo Room’, ‘Build a Bridge (And Then How About You Get The Fuck Over It)’ and its closer, ‘Dragville, TN’.

Fergus played all of the instruments on every track, excepting two small collaborations – friends Marcus Sellars playing electric guitar on ‘Get Out of Here’ and keys on ‘Snacks’ by Geoffrey Thorsen.

Aesthetically, its songs take a leaf from the DIY rock of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, which is weird for a kid that was not even born yet. Sonically, there’s mixing and matching of sounds of that same era, from shoegaze and sludge-metal to loner folk and riot girl.

On his first release proper, Bored Nothing flirts with endlessly bending guitar leads and lyrics concerned by youth and heartbreak, but never with too much concern at all.