Wild at Gate ® (After Hours) at Golden Gate ab 10 Uhr morgens

The Golden Gate was founded 15 years ago, the idea of 10 friends, gathered in front of a counter of a bar on a night like any other, but where, this time, their dreams and their ideas take shape and a concrete direction. Their dreams have become also our dreams: Golden Gate! This golden door through a world where everything is possible, where everything taking form in a harmonious magic and wild space. Meet, speak, dance and live all together like a time out of the ordinary. All together, sharing one’s being with others, the fun, the communication, to create a mix, to knowing. to being. The Golden Gate after season is beginning! I want to see you dancing, smiling, jumping, laughing, I want to see you more wild that you can, because now and here you can keep out of the part of you more pure and mysterious, live and live wild. Wild at Golden Gate… Join the Tribe and take a part at celebrationon sunday 11.10 at the rise of the sun the first ceremony will take place …

Wild at Gate – Golden Gate™ after hours – present:

-I.nOmac + Chantal (live)
-Andrea Frashka (live)
-Suit Kei
-Lamb Ent
-Sarah for sure
+Surprise Golden Gate Dj

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