D J s vs. D E S I G N E R presented by M O D E L S FINGERFOOD & VISUALS

♫ Deephouse, Techhouse / 2 Floors

◆ DJ BoldOne aka Rapha Velvet ( MMF DJ TEAM )
◆ Mamesen Aba ( MMF DJ TEAM )
◆ Cetin Sahin ( Technotürken / Pentagonik )
◆ Vera Tavares ( Live Singer Performance )

MUSIC MEETS FASHION is here and ready to break down the next Level. More fast and furious then ever. This Event is our next level edition, taking the journey as we present:

The killer duo DJ Team DJ BOLDONE & DJ & Model MAMESEN ABA from the explosive MMF LABEL supported by our Guest-DJ Cetin Sahin from the welknow berlinbased TECHNOTÜRKEN and Labelhead from PENTAGONIK and the amazing wonderful Singer/Model/Actress VERA TAVARES.

Fashion Designer like the hot Juwlery Label PERLENSÄUE and other Fashion presented by our Artist and Models sponsored by OPTIMISTIC STORE BERLIN at clubby atmosphere with the best Special Fingerfood by ROYALS & RICE. TRUST opens their steel doors to the MUSIC MEETS FASHION guest listers for a two floor beat breakdown, top drinks and a fashion fueled evening.

All there is left to do is step inside and come to CLUBBING where MUSIC MEETS FASHION

★ Einlass: 22 Uhr


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