Ab dem 30. Januar startet der „The Musicians Night Flee Market“, den es ab dann jeden letzten Samstag im Monat geben wird. Entweder vom S-Bahnhof Pankow oder von der U-Bahn Venetastraße ist der Flohmarkt zeitnah erreichbar.

Samstag, 30. Januar um 20:00
mühlenstrasse 62, pankow (opposite Berta Block Climbing hall)

Finally, a regular musician’s night market that sells beer and gives you 4 hours to look through a treasure trove of used and new equipment from guitars, to mics to audio interfaces, vintage gear and monitors to mouth organs and amps. Buying gear online is great but sometimes there’s gear you need to feel and instruments to try out, and you can’t beat talking to the previous owner and getting it straight from the horses mouth.

We offer a 7 day pickup service, so you can buy an amp and pick it up another day, rather than lugging it home at 00:00 at night! Come along on 30th January with some friends and help us grow the event into something big, pick up a gem of a bargain and have a few beers.

> Sellers mail to herdwhite@hotmail.com
> Tables are €10 or €15 if you share a table with a friend
> We offer a 7 day pickup service for buyers so you can sell large things too