LIGHT STRIKES – Vernissage
Saturday September 16th – Saturday September 30th

Anomalie Art Club
Storkower Strasse 123, 10407 Berlin

Light strikes and establishes the visible. Its impact reifies the surface of the existing, reflects from objects that continuously try to deceive us, carries with it their truths and lies. The exhibition presents a series of works based on analogue optical interplay of light and shadow. Sculptural paintings playing with transparency, prismatic reflection, and the movement of our eyes stand at the center of this curation. Optical sculptures challenge our perception and what we know to be right. Images of microscopic investigations explore shifting textures and surfaces of the fundamental element of water. The new season opens with a group exhibition, inviting the public back to Anomalie for a vernissage on Saturday, September 16.

The gallery space is open to be visited on the following dates and times:
>> Wednesdays to Fridays, from 5 pm to 8 pm << Don’t miss the finissage planned for >>>> Saturday, September 30 <<<< On that occasion, we will host new light and installation artists, along with a dazzling A/V show to celebrate the end of the summer with enough inspiration to carry us through the cold season. :::ARTS::: [Friedrich Gobbesso] [Isabelle Tellié] [Nicolas Kramar] [Kiran Nelgen] :::SOUNDS::: [mats wel (Anomalie)] [Kyoso (Anomalie)]