elsewhere / LSWRE#007

Release Date: 12-12-2017
Orange Boy // Original Mix
I Like Funky Music // Original Mix
Orange Boy // TheFranks ICE EDIT
Orange Boy // Marcus Meya REMIX
Orange Boy // Britzer Nachtgeflüster REMIX

„ORANGE BOY EP“ (12“ Vinyl)

Release-Date: Vinyl 12.12.2017 (Berlin/global)

IN-OUT release their first vinyl at elsewhere – Sebastian Wolff and Sander Bohlen have followed different paths as a DJ and a musician to find common ground at: Music ! They produce under the moniker IN-OUT and instantly drop their creative output LIVE on the dance floor. They combine long term operating experience in music production and club culture without any compromise. Thereby they shaped a brand you instantly recognize when hearing the signature synhs they use.

„Orange Boy“ and „I like funky music“ warp the summer breeze into any nightclub-times- no matter which season! Where tricky percussion meets crystal clear sound design and uncomplicated, warm synth-lines. This style is significant at all of IN-OUT’s productions.

There’s three remixes widening the spectrum into different directions – and that’s what elsewhere as a label has been standing for from the beginning: Diversity!

Label-Head „The Franks“ adds his versatile flavour by translating the „Orange Boy“ signature bass line into different realms. A blend of sawtooth will cause hullabaloo inside the club and elsewhere.

Vinyl-Only – this applies to a vinyl release limited to 100 units and as well to

„Marcus Meya“: As a vinyl purist he produced a club-bomb-like remix – crackling already and soon to go off!

„Britzer Nachtgeflüster“ adds a playful mixture of drama, melancholy and joy of life – New harmonics for Orange Boys and Girls.

„ORANGE BOY“ will be released on elsewhere as a special-edition-EP limited to 100 copies in December (12.12.) and go online in February.